Sarah Fisher is coming back to Dog Comm with TTouch workshop.

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We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome back Sarah Fisher to Dog Comm, with her amazing intro to TTouch workshop.

Here’s just some of the comments from last year’s participants:

“Accessible and fun way of teaching about how our companion animals can and do benefit from the amazing practice of TTouch.  Sarah made the information relatable and I especially loved her comparison about being overfamiliar to dogs we don’t know to snogging random strangers in Tesco.


What stuck in my mind and made great sense was that we often over handle our pets and how this can over stimulate. Secondly, how important it is to be a detective and look for signs, some very subtle, that our dogs are giving out so we can respond and help our dogs.
Fantastic, inspiring work”  Nicola B.
Photo 26-05-2016-2
Pic of Crunchie, senior labrador, and coat changes which can reflect changes underneath the skin.
“I really enjoyed it, to be fair I realised I know very little about dogs! Bradley has opened my eyes to a whole new world and learning what is happening with Crunchy and those little signals is all very new, I definitely look at them in a new way now. But then I have to give them a massive kiss and cuddle as they are so cute!”  Shaun S.
“Sarah is not only passionate about and very skilled at what she does, but she also communicates really well and can pass on her skills. I had already tried the touches but learnt from the workshop that they need be more subtle so am trying again. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the lead handling work and am also working on that now, though without the two-point attachment for the moment. I also hadn’t understood the importance of the groundwork from reading and will try it at home. Overall I would say that I had read about and tried some of the TTouch techniques but had doubts about their effectiveness. I think they had seemed too subtle to be of use. Having seen Sarah working and heard her speak I am now a convert and look forward to the next workshop.”  Chris and John B.


 Photo 26-05-2016
“The day was just perfect, Sarah is such an entertaining person and so passionate about her ‘work’-it’s very refreshing! Obviously I am not a newcomer to Ttouch but it was fascinating to see how the different dogs reacted and how thoroughly Sarah ‘read’ the messages the dogs were giving. Zola as far as we know, has no physical problems, her issues are all in her head, the result of a poor start in life and then losing her companion after only a year together, don’t think she ever really got over it! So Ttouch for has been invaluable for giving her confidence and strengthening the bond between us.” Sally S.
Here’s this year’s information poster and how to book. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.
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