Seminar: The Art of Canine Communication Jan 24th 2015

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Dog Communication presents the first of a two part seminar series ‘The Art of Canine Communication’.



Do you wish that you had a better understanding of canine communication? Can you tell which signals are ‘just’ signs of stress and which are deliberate communication?

If you also want to learn more about appropriate meeting and greeting and the intricacies of play then join Laura and Penel for their seminar on the ‘Art of Canine Communication’.

Based on over 8 years of working with dogs with aggression and social issues in offlead group environments, we demonstrate using our own high definition photos and video the nuances of canine communication.

Art Comm seminar

”In seminar 1 learn about appropriate body language and how poor communication can be the cause of many dog aggression issues. This seminar will cover in-depth the subtle communication used by dogs and how the same communication can have multiple meanings (with emphasis on stress signals and negotiation communication), on the complexities of meeting and greeting, appropriate and inappropriate play and learning to interpret the whole body to understand communication and motivation.



This seminar utilises 100s of high quality photos and video of our work to enable in-depth understanding of canine communication”

This seminar is suitable for interested owners and dog professionals.

Seminar 2 will focus on rehabilitation of dogs with aggression issues.

Seminar 1: Saturday Jan 24th 2015 10am-4pm.
King George V hall, Effingham Surrey. KT24 5ND.

The seminar is £45 per person. Please contact to book a place.