Socialisation and Communication

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Dog socialisation is vitally important: it’s how dogs learn how to interact and communicate with each other, how to play and even how to say sorry. Ideally dogs are well socialised and learn the ways of doggy communication as puppies but many dogs miss out on this crucial socialisation or need a refresher on how to talk to their own species. Poor communication skills can lead to dogs that appear to lack manners and seem brash or even aggressive in their approach to other dogs or alternatively it may lead to dogs that are nervous and fearful of their own species as they are unable to read the subtle signs that other dogs are giving them.

Our socialisation groups are unique as  the dogs themselves teach other dogs how to interact nicely, how to communicate and even how to play! We have specially trained ‘teaching dogs’ who are chosen for their different skills and natural ability to help dogs learn how to ‘speak dog’. Our teaching dogs help dogs learn what behaviour is appropriate and will politely teach dogs that aggression or rudeness is not tolerated. They will also “police” or supervise interactions between dogs in groups. In our groups, the dogs do all the work, leaving the owners to observe and learn from the dog interactions.