Laura McAuliffe and Penel Malby are dog behaviourists and rehabilitation trainers.


Laura McAuliffe

Laura McAuliffe has a BSc (hons) specialising in animal behaviour and went on to do a PhD studying the effects of stress on microbes. Laura’s stress studies gave her a wealth of understanding of the physical and genetic changes caused by stress and how crucial these can be for all living creatures. Laura returned to dog behaviour in 2003 when she and Penel started Dog Communication. Laura’s background gives her a love of the science behind dog behaviour and her main interest is in dog aggression and the intricacies of canine communication. Laura currently has 3 dogs, Luka and Beama who are lurcher siblings and Elsa the adolescent northern inuit. All of Laura’s dogs work at Dog Communication and help dogs overcome issues around other dogs. Laura writes regularly for Dogs Monthly and has written for Dogs Today magazine.

Penel Malby

Penel Malby has a lifetime of experience with dogs.

Penel was a professional animal trainer for film and TV for many years, a very demanding job requiring excellent people skills as well as precise and error-free reward-based methods to train animals to do very specific actions. Penel currently has 5 dogs and first began working with teaching dogs to help aggressive dogs ten years ago. Penel’s cocker spaniel Figgis is a teaching dog at Dog Comm and her lurchers Barley and Gracie helped rehabilitate hundreds of dogs during their working careers. Penel has a real interest in interactions between groups of dogs and harnessing dogs’ natural abilities to enable them to overcome their anxieties and live as full a life as possible. Penel writes regularly for Dogs Monthly and Dogs Today magazines and has featured in Surrey Life and the Guardian talking about dog behaviour. Penel is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). Penel is also a professional dog photographer and has her own studio, as well as private commissions, she photographs dogs for Dogs Today and Dogs Monthly magazines.


Both Laura and Penel believe that it’s crucial for dog professionals to keep their skills up to date and they regularly host and attend seminars and workshops. They were thrilled to host the ethology expert Roger Abrantes in 2015 and have recently attended seminars by Rise van Fleet, David Ryan, Jaak Panksepp, Amber Batson and others.


Our current teaching dogs

The real stars at Dog Communication are the dogs themselves and both our own teaching dogs and clients dogs who have progressed to develop superb communication skills help dogs overcome issues around other dogs.


Elsa is a Northern Inuit who lives to play and enjoys introducing dogs that may never have played before to the joys of inuit play!


Luka is a saluki cross lurcher who helps shy and anxious dogs and mainly features in our Shy Guys class.


Beama is a very confident lurcher bitch who helps dogs refine their communication skills during our assessments and 121s.


Figgis is a cocker spaniel who is everyone’s friend and who helps out during assessments and in our Lifeskills classes.


We have several guest teaching dogs who help at Dog Comm, including Swift collie, Falcor Czech Wolfdog, Glen the mastiff, Maisy and Tiffany greyhounds and Brodie cocker.